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Community Reminders

posted Sep 27, 2017, 4:46 PM by Westwood Village
Hi Westwood Village UOA Residents,

The board of directors of the Westwood Village Condominium Unit Owners Association would like to remind all residents of some basic guidelines that make this community a pleasant and enjoyable place to live.  Peaceful and joyful community living is fundamentally achieved by respecting the rules and respecting the rights of others to enjoy their home and shared spaces. 

Website - Please visit and familiarize yourself with the website at where you will find useful information including how to contact the management company, report issues or request services. 

Safety - Maintaining our safety and that of our neighbors is a principal objective.  Please keep your speed down to the posted 15mph limit at all times. 

Pets - Ours is a pet friendly community but we remind all pet owners that Fairfax County laws apply at all times. 
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times while on common grounds. 
  • Pets cannot be left unattended on patios or balconies. 
  • Owners must pick up their pet’s waste immediately. There are pet waste disposal stations throughout the community.  Please use them. 
  • Pets may not frequently howl, bark, meow, squawk or make noises that can be heard across property boundaries or through common walls within a building. 
Noise - Please observe Fairfax County noise ordinance restricting noise between 9:00pm and 7:00am. 

Parking - Parking is limited and all resident vehicles must display a current permit.  Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will be towed at owner’s expense and without notice. 

Visitor Parking - There are ten parking spaces shared between the condominium and the townhomes for visitors and temporary parking only.  Residents may not park in visitor spaces overnight.  Violators will be towed at owner’s expense and without notice. 

Handicap Parking - The handicap parking spaces are mandated by law to serve the residents and visitors with disabilities who have a handicap parking permit or license plate.  All others will be towed at owner’s expense and without notice. 

Common Areas - All residents have the right to enjoy clean, safe, and well maintained common areas and we are all responsible for keeping them that way: clean, safe and well maintained. 
  • Common areas include all green spaces, trees, shrubs and other plants.   They also include the entry ways, stairs and landings in all buildings, club house, gym, and pool. 
  • No storage of any personal property is allowed in common areas.  This includes bicycles, furniture, decorations, shoes or other personal effects.  If you own it you must keep it within your unit. 
  • Please do not litter.  Dispose of your junk mail, trash and cigarette butts properly. 
In your Unit - Before making renovations consult with the management company. 
  • Structural changes are not allowed. 
  • You must use licensed and bonded contractors. 
  • You may not change the appearance of the exterior of your unit.  This includes painting or staining your deck or patio. 
  • You cannot affix anything to the exterior walls or structure of the unit. 
Trash - There are designated trash areas between buildings throughout the community. 
  • Trash pickup is Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. 
  • Recyclable pick up is Monday and Friday mornings. 
  • All trash needs to be in tightly closed plastic bags and placed in the appropriate totters: trash or recyclables.
  • All boxes need to be broken down and placed in the recycle totters. 
  • Do not place large, oversized items in these areas.  Keep them in your unit and make arrangements with American Disposal for special pick up. 
  • Please help keep the trash totters closed properly, and the surrounding areas clean and organized to keep animals away. 
Please contact the management company for any and all service related matters.  We encourage you to use the community website to submit your request which can help expedite response by the management company. 


Board of Directors 
Westwood Village Condominium