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posted Aug 24, 2011, 2:33 PM by Westwood Village
The USI Insurance Agency agent has confirmed that the Condo Association’s insurance policy has earthquake coverage that will cover all damages to the physical property both external and internal to the condo units.  However, personal property damage will not be covered and should be handled through your own condo/rental insurance policy.
It is highly recommended that individual unit owners do not attempt to repair any damaged property at this time.  To guarantee that repairs are covered by the association’s insurance policy they must be completed by the approved contractors of the association and in agreement with the insurance agencies damage report.  Any owner that has already engaged another contractor for water remediation and repair work will have to file their claims directly with the insurance claims adjuster, whose contact information will be provided when it is available.
Current Status:
• A contractor has reviewed the operation of all sprinkler and fire safety systems, and all are in a fully functional state
• A contractor has repaired all hot water heater pipes that broke and water has been restored to all buildings, however it is recommended that the electricity to the hot water heater remain off for the next 24hrs to allow the insulation to dry to avoid risk of corrosion to the electronics within and risk of fire.
• Water removal and drying has starting in some of the more heavily damaged units.  It is recommended that you keep your air conditioning on to reduce the humidity levels which will aid in the drying process.
• Rod and ProCAM have obtained contact information for all KNOWN damaged units.  If your unit has been damaged and you have not provided your contact information to either Rod or Mike of ProCAM, please send an email with your name, unit address, email, phone number and brief description of damages to the following email addresses: and
Next Steps:
• Water remediation work to remove water, and treat for mold, mildew, fungus, etc. will begin immediately.  During the water remediation process, the remediation contractor will test the unit  and treat all areas that are required.
• Authorized contractors and the insurance claims adjuster will contact unit owners and arrange appointments to review damages in each reported unit.  All repair work will then be scheduled by the contractor.
• IMPORTANT: It is the owner/resident’s responsibility to allow access to the unit to review damages to perform all required repair work.  The owner/resident or their representative must be present in their unit while the contractor is performing the repair work.
Other Important Notes:
• If you are a renter/tenant, please contact your landlord and provide them with the information in this notice.
Best regards,
Westwood Village Board of Directors
Westwood Village,
Aug 24, 2011, 2:40 PM