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Pool Rules & Pool Registration

posted May 16, 2018, 8:10 PM by Westwood Village
Hi Westwood Village UOA Residents, 

The Westwood Village Community is comprised of two separate associations: the Unit Owner's Association (UOA), consisting of 154 luxury condominiums and the Home Owner's Association (HOA), consisting of 112 townhouses.  There are shared facilities located at the clubhouse on Ashgrove House Lane with a social/meeting room, gym, and swimming pool.  The shared facilities are managed by the HOA, costs of which are split 50/50 with the UOA.  The HOA is the named contracted party with any vendors hired to manage the shared facilities. 

All of this is a preamble to advise all UOA residents that this year, a requirement to register for the pool was put in place, lest the opening of the pool potentially be delayed.  The requirement was agreed by and between the HOA and the contracted pool vendor.  The UOA was strongly opposed to this requirement and adamant against its implementation.  However, in the interest of opening the pool for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents, the UOA acquiesced to the requirement this year. 

Residents that anticipate using the pool are encouraged to access the portal setup by the HOA to register all persons in their household.  This information will be utilized by the hired lifeguard to help with the management of the shared pool facilities.  The portal can be accessed at the following website:  For your information, a copy of the Westwood Village Swimming Pool Use Rules is also included.  A copy is also available on the UOA website in the Documents section within the Fitness Center & Pool folder. 

Looking forward to a safe, memorable, and enjoyable pool season. 

Warm Regards, 
Westwood Village UOA Board of Directors
Westwood Village,
May 16, 2018, 8:10 PM