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Sheraton Parking Reminder

posted Oct 18, 2016, 4:41 AM by Westwood Village   [ updated Oct 18, 2016, 4:42 AM ]
Hi Westwood Village Residents, 

The Board of Directors has had been in conversations with the new General Manager of the Sheraton Tysons Hotel (formerly Sheraton Premiere Tysons Corner) to discuss the parking situation of our community and she has been gracious to continue the agreement that allows Westwood Village residents and visitors to use the Sheraton back lot for “overflow” parking. 

“Overflow” means there are no spaces available on Westwood Village property. Residents and visitors must make sure there are no available spaces on Westwood Village property before parking on Sheraton property. 

As always, it is important that all residents and visitors comply with the standing rules and regulations of Westwood Village and those of the Sheraton when parking on their property. 

As a reminder, please observe the following rules: 
  • All vehicles must have current license plates 
  • All vehicles must display a current Westwood Village parking permit 
  • All vehicles must be in driving condition 
    • No commercial vehicles are allowed 
    • No vehicles with company signs 
  • No work equipment vehicles 
  • Residents cannot park any vehicle in a space marked Visitors 
  • In addition to the above, when parking at the Sheraton 
    • Park at your own risk 
    • Only short term parking is permitted – continuous parking for several days is not permitted 
    • All vehicles should park exclusively in the back lot adjacent to Westwood Village property 

The Sheraton’s parking needs are growing and spaces are limited. Their security personnel will be monitoring their lots and enforce towing of all vehicles not in compliance with the above rules. 

Westwood Village UOA Board of Directors