April 2021 Announcements

SEASONAL REMINDER – CONDENSATE LINES: All owners are strongly encouraged to service their heating and cooling systems at least once annually, to include cleaning of the condensate drain lines. Condensate line backups cause damage to your unit, common elements, and other units.

POOL: The HOA (townhouses) and UOA (condominiums) anticipate opening the pool this year. If everything falls into place, there will be special circumstances; both communities are working closely to put all the pieces in place.

COMMON AND LIMITED COMMON ELEMENTSAll residents have the right to enjoy clean, safe, and well-maintained common and limited common element spaces. Some examples of common elements are the sidewalks, green spaces, and benches in the community. Personal property is not permitted to be stored or left on common elements. Examples of limited common element areas are unit balconies, patios, and parking spaces. Nothing whatsoever should be permitted to fall from the windows, balcony or deck of a unit.

NEWSLETTER: Consider signing up for the newsletter, which pushes periodic e-mail announcements. Sign-up here: http://tinyurl.com/WWV-Newsletter.

PETS: A total of six pet receptacles, each equipped with bags, are located throughout the community. Please make a note of their location and clean up after pets to help keep our community beautiful. Pets should always be leashed and not left unattended on common and limited common elements, which includes the decks.

NEXT MEETING: The next regular monthly Association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 7:00pm. Call in details are posted on the website calendar.

Kind regards,

Board of Directors
Westwood Village Condominiums