Entry Gate FOB Order Form

The maximum fob assignment allowance to any given household is three.  This matches the form submission maximum.  If there is a special household circumstance that requires more than three fobs, please e-mail the current administrative point of contact for the Westwood Village Townhomes, listed under the Shared Facilities heading at this link.

Photo identification is required when picking up gate fobs.  Renters are required to show the first page of a current and valid lease in addition to photo identification.  Payment is by check or money order.  Checks and money orders should be made out to The Townhomes at Westwood Village Owners Association.

To receive replacement fobs, please provide the numbers on your existing fobs so that any lost ones can be deactivated.

Resident Information

Tenants are asked to provide the first page of a current and valid lease when requesting Entry Gate FOBs. Please feel free to upload the first page using the browse field below or provide it later when requested. The maximum file size accepted is 1 MB.

Entry Gate FOB Descriptions

Entry Gate FOB Ordering

Please list serial numbers for any existing fobs if replacing a lost fob. If you don't know the serial number or can't make it out, please indicate the type of fob (e.g., Mango, Monarch, or Stingray) to help expedite the request.

Serial numbers are generally 5 digits in length, with the Mango serial number starting with a 5 (e.g., 5####), the Monarch serial number starting with a 2 (e.g., 2####), and the Stingray serial number starting with a 4 (e.g., 4####).