Interior Design Refresh

INTERIOR DESIGN REFRESH: The interior design refresh project will start the week of June 13, 2022.  Notices with more specific dates will be posted in individual building entrances a few days prior to work on those buildings.  THIS INFORMATION WILL NOT BE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE.  Generally, work will progress in this order: (1) buildings at the back of the community and on Ashgrove House Lane, followed by (2) buildings along the long stretch of Northern Neck Dr, and ending with (3) buildings in the middle of the community.  Work on buildings will proceed as numbered in the graphic below – a higher resolution image is available at

For any given building, electrical work (lighting and fixtures) will start first, followed by painting and ending with carpet replacement.  On paint days, residents need to provide access to allow the hallway side of the unit door to be painted and allow time for drying.  Drying time will vary, but is generally 2-3 hours.  Paint days for unit doors generally fall on Wednesday and Friday.

An extremely limited number of makeup days will be available at the end of the project.  If neither the paint day nor the makeup day work, the Association will hire a locksmith to open the door and charge the expense to the unit.

There will also be designated parking spaces for the contractor to park in – please be courteous and leave these spaces free during working hours (7:00am – 5:00pm).