May 2022 Announcements

GATE SENSOR WORK: The gate loop sensors at the community entrance gate will be re-caulked on 5/18.  The contractor will have staff to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

DRAINAGE ISSUE: A drainage issue adjacent to the lifeguard spot will be repaired on 5/18.  Vehicles parked in the 5 Visitor spaces adjacent to the clubhouse and Reserved spaces 23-28 will be impounded at owner expense if they are not moved to allow the contractor access to the work area.  Prior to the work, these spaces will be marked with signs.

ASHGROVE HOUSE LANE REPAIRS: Asphalt patching and pothole repairs, primarily located along Ashgrove House Lane, will take place on 5/19.  The contractor will direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

POOL REGISTRATION: Pool hours of operation are in the box below.  Residents that intend on using the pool this season must complete a registration form in advance.  Registrations from prior years do not carry over.  Register at

Thursday through Tuesday: noon – 8pm (see additional details below)
Wednesday: pool closed

Pool season is 5/28 through 9/5.  From 5/28 through 6/10, the pool will be open from 4-8pm during the week (except Wednesday, when the pool will remain closed).  Weekend hours from noon – 8pm do not change during pool season.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION: All residents are reminded to register their vehicles in the community.  This can be accomplished using the Vehicle Registration form on the Association website.

PETS: A total of six pet receptacles, each equipped with bags, are located throughout the community.  Please make note of their locations and clean up after pets to help keep our community beautiful.

NEXT MEETING: The next regular monthly Association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7:00pm.  Call in details are located on the website calendar.