October 2023 Announcements

ASHGROVE HOUSE LANE ASPHALT REPAIRS: Asphalt patching and pothole repairs, primarily located along Ashgrove House Lane, will take place soon. The contractor will direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

AIR CONDITIONER REMINDERPlease remember to turn off your AC during the colder months and set the thermostat to an appropriate temperature. Turning off your AC will minimize the likelihood of pipes bursting during the winter months. This will help preserve your unit and save any repair work.

PETS: A total of six receptacles, each equipped with bags, are located throughout the community. Please make note of their locations and clean up after pets to help keep our community beautiful.

COMMUNITY CARE AND RESPECTFor years, we have contracted to keep the community beautiful. We ask residents to respect the folks who spend significant time picking up trash, cleaning debris, maintaining the trash corrals, blowing loose leaves, and providing many other repairs for Westwood Village.

WILD ANIMALS: For the sake of public safety, please do not attempt to feed wild life or lure them into the community.

TRASH AND RECYCLING REMINDERS: Trash pick up is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and recycling on Monday and Friday.

PLEASE NOTE:  The blue bins are for recyclables and the black bins are for trash.

For further information on what can and cannot be recycled please go to: Residential Customer FAQs | Patriot Disposal (patriotdisposalservices.com).

NEXT MEETING: The next regular monthly Association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM. Call in details are located on the website calendar.