Pool Registration Reminder

A quick reminder to all residents who wish to use the pool facilities. We’ve discovered that several residents are accessing the pool who aren’t registered. If you sign in to use the pool you may be asked to leave or register if the lifeguard is unable to locate your registration. The lifeguard will be checking resident sign-ins on her break so this discovery may not be immediate. This means that even if you signed in you could be asked to register or leave after the guard has verified the information.  Please be sure to use the below link to register:
Please note that a guest who is a minor must have an adult complete the guest sign-in waiver form. The lifeguard has these forms. Minors cannot complete this form on their own behalf. Minors are children 17 and under.
If you have a question for the guard please wait until her break so her attention stays on the pool.   Thank you for your assistance.
Kind regards,
Board of Directors, Westwood Village Condominiums